Firestone Hour Television Show, New York, New York, 1961

"I am in love with her, she is delightful, a real gem!" - Dick Clark, Master of Ceremonies

Handel, Caplet, Salzedo, Hindemith, Ravel, Ginastera 
New York Philharmonic | Eric Leinsdorf, CONDUCTOR

"Heavenly music from Heidi Lehwalder -- by any standard, Miss Lehwalder proved that she deserved her prize (AVERY FISHER PRIZE WINNER). Last night she gave a virtuosic performance ... showing a wealth of variety and color and a capacity for individuality." - New York Post

"Miss Lehwalder is a resourceful and sensitive musician as well as a thoroughly accomplished virtuoso." - New York Times

Cleveland Orchestra | Louis Lane, CONDUCTOR

"... Captured the hearts of the audience with her dazzling technique, her youthful good looks and easy manner, not to mention a kiss for conductor lane at its successful conclusion." - Cleveland Press

Robert Caamano
National Symphony | Lucas Foss, CONDUCTOR

"Heidi Lehwalder as soloist startled, astounded and thoroughly delighted the entire audience with her spectacular command of the innovations and felicitous passages of the concerto." - Washington Post

Michael Colgrass
Seattle Symphony | Milton Katims, CONDUCTOR

"... An artist of abundant vitality and skill, well-deserving of the affection lavished on her by the audience." - Seattle Post

Ravel, Ginastera
Atlanta Symphony | Louis Lane, CONDUCTOR

"It took the seemingly unlikely vehicle of a concerto for harp to win the Atlanta public's unqualified approval." - Atlanta Constitution

"A tour de force of brilliant technique and excitement ... Lehwalder brought the audience to life." - Santa Fe New Mexican

"One of the most accomplished solo harpists in the world." - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A sensational master of the harp." - Gannett Westchester Papers

"Harp enthusiasts discover new oracle for their instrument. Miss Lehwalder has a technique to explore every capability of the harp and the musical sense to translate what she has learned into meaningful esthetics. In the summers she took vigor and rythmic awareness to her task, emerging the master. In the Handel Concerto the Harpist was found handling both continuo and solo with complete ease in the true Baroque fashion, applying dynamic and metric evenness to the counterpoint." - Boston Globe

"Heidi was the one and only sensation of the entire affair." - Philharmonic Hall, New York City, Commentary on the 1962 Israel Contest

"Miss Lehwalder's performance was gloriously refreshing and brought out the beauty and elegance of the Handelian Era. Her poise, grace, and charm together with her technique and musicianship made this a performance of sheer unsophisticated art." - Colorado Tribune

"Her performance of the Handel Concerto was the product of a mature mind, musically and technically. The phrasing, the dynamic contrasts and shading were a marvel to behold." - Cleveland Free Press

"Heidi continues to demonstrate her amazing maturity and technique as an artist. Her performance in Rodrigo's lively, tricky and captivating "Serenade", was worthy of a Salzedo. She phrases with a casual confidence and profound meaning that belie her age." - The Seattle Times

"A truly thrilling music experience was provided by a 14 year old harpist, Heidi Lehwalder, on Leonard Bernstein's Young Peoples Concert. Her sure, skillful hands, as the played the Handel Concerto, were almost hypnotic in close up shots." - New York News