An Instructional Course in Developing an Effortless Approach to Playing the Harp

Dancing is everything behind the grace and beauty of being a harpist.

Session One
 Outline main ideas about harp playing. My technical and musical approach. Main differences from others. Relationship with Carlos Salzedo and other influential teachers.

Session Two
 Playing the harp is complex and involves paradoxes. How position evolves as student advances. Distinction between a standard and technical approach and the individual. Isolating the many different technical elements. 

Session Three
Visual and Aesthetics:
 "A harpists' hands are like a dancers' toes". Articulation, alignment, dynamic control, ("The full beauty of the harp grows out of many varying tonal effects of which it is capable"), breathing, body language. Gestures must have meaning. Effortless approach to playing the instrument. 

Session Four
Repertoire Discussion:
 Bring repertoire to demonstrate. Discuss ways of learning. Memorization and developing a photographic memory. Discuss repertoire which presents more challenges to teach: Excerpts/examples from solo, chamber, orchestral, ballet, opera, etc.

Session Five
Wrap Up:
 Revisiting subjects with questions and suggestions from our previous sessions.

We all listen with our eyes and this is why it is so important to play the harp with a visual approach to match your musical concepts.

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